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what we do

extensive, hands-on experience in every aspect of the cannabis industry

chain Management

From sourcing to distribution, optimize every aspect of the supply chain to ensure quality and consistency.

product development

Ensure innovation matches market fit and drive profitability with strategic cost control and dynamic retail pricing.

multi-state expansion

Leverage our experience to navigate the intricacies of diverse state regulations with ease and confidence.

retail brand sales

Currently working with brands like Raw Sins, Space Caps, ILYSM Health, Nug, Terp, Erb & Hey Bud.

Who we are

experience. expertise. connections.

Inger airheart

Inger is a titan in the cannabis world. Fundraising, lobbying, governance, real-estate, vendor management, sales, & distribution have all fallen under her pervue at multiple cannabis ventures. She was the former head of Elite California with top brands like Ritual and Fuego as well as venture groups like RBO where she led a nearly $3 million investment into Eaze..

monte ferguson

When it comes to expertise in Cannabis cultivation and operations, Monte is the business. Monte holds a masters degree in plant breeding and genetics, and is the former head of production for 710 labs. He is a master grower, and an expert in current government regulation state by state nationwide.

Amber morelli

Amber has an impressive track record of success creating skilled sales teams. Building the foundation and leading some of the legacy brands that still exist today, her knowledge and experience as a sales leader in the cannabis space is unmatched! She is known as an effective leader with an influential level of professionalism and positivity.

Natalie Ferguson

Natalie is a seasoned expert in retail management, merchandising, and marketing. With more than 15 years in the cannabis industry, she specializes in helping our customers and partners establish and thrive in retail markets as well as all of the nuts and bolts to help brands get their products to market. Natalie can help you get it done.

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Experienced Team: 20+ years in the cannabis industry.
Nationwide Presence: Solutions tailored for state-specific challenges.
End-to-End Consultation: From seed to sale and every point in between.
Compliance Expertise: Ensuring operations align with state regulations.

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